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Midnight-Racing has now grown to form an online community for people interested in cars all over the UK.  The website was first launched in 2000 and has gone through many changes and grown to form a national club with thousands of members.  We aim to bring you interesting and entertaining features from around the UK of cars, cruises, events and even DIY tips and tricks, as well as giving you the opportunity to have your own car featured on the website.

Above all we hope that you enjoy your stay here.  If you do have any comments or questions, please donít hesitate to get in contact with us, and if you have come here to find out how to get your car featured on the website, just e-mail us at Features@Midnight-Racing.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you soon,


The Midnight-Racing Team

Member Benefits

To become a member of Midnight-Racing couldn't be easier, simply register on the forums and that's it!  Make sure the details you provide are correct and you will be e-mailed with the latest updates, news and events.

As an added bonus Midnight-Racing has a deal with Adrian Flux Insurance, when phoning for a quote tell them you are a member of Midnight-Racing and give them the name you registered on here and you can receive a massive 15% discount!


The Staff

Name: Ben (Ben@Midnight-Racing.co.uk)
Role: Owner and Developer of Midnight-Racing

As you might of guessed by stealing the top spot on here I'm the one who started Midnight-Racing. Originally the site was a sub section of another popular website I ran but in 2001 it just grew too large and Midnight-Racing was officially born. You'll have to excuse the half arsed attempts at keeping the site up to date lately.
I'm getting on a bit now but have always been interested in cars. At the moment I own a highly modified MR2 Turbo and a clean BMW 325i Coupe. Look out for the Midnight-Racing sticker and if you see me about, give us a flash!

Name: Viper (Sy) (Viper@Midnight-Racing.co.uk)
Administrator and Forum Moderator
Hi All

Originally from OZ. Have been into cars for ever, first car was a fully kitted Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 . After that have had a Golf 1.8, a Clio Williams, Pulsar GTIR and now a Mazda Rx7. Apart from meeting up with all the MR members around the country and the usual Thursday night pub trip, I am involved in tournament paintball for Team Berks and enjoy drinking and the usual car events!

Being part of the Admin team you can ask me anything, send features and reviews and off course model pictures for the site.

MR has stands at all the major shows so please come see us .

Catch me online MSN- sex_god_sy@hotmail.com

Name: lil Ben (lilBen@Midnight-Racing.co.uk)
Forum Moderator and Feature Editor

Really into my drifting at the moment. The big blue bus is serving my tramp drift needs and I'm better than Sam hehe
Want to get another 200sx some point soon though - an s12 this time

I've had a few cars over the years, starting with a Fiat Uno sx (biscuit tin on wheels), a mk2 Astra shed, Hyundai Accent coupe (killed by an "accidental" sideways incident), Renault 19 16v (died when racing a saxo), s13 200sx and lastly my Volvo bus .... all aboard Benny's Blue Bus.
Name: Steve2k (Steve2k@Midnight-Racing.co.uk)
Role: Forum Moderator and Photographer

I try to help out where I can. I drive a Civic with lots planned. I also build planes so please travel by boat.
Msn me if u want me steve2k_2001@hotmail.com


Name: Janine (Janine@Midnight-Racing.co.uk)
Forum Moderator, Feature Writer/Editor and Site Editor

Hello All

For once i honestly don't have anything to say ........ ermmmmmm i'm a quiet and shy member of staff (hehe) from Lincolnshire, i don't drive and need to get my finger out and pass my test which is my goal for this year.

Im usually about the forums, if you need any help give me a yell.


Name: LiGhTnInG
Forum Moderator and Event Organiser

Yo Midnight-Racing,

Come from Milton Keynes, then lived in Berkshire, now live in Hertfordshire.

Have owned FWD french cars, RWD jap cars, and an 4WD german car!

Still have a bit of a hot hatch fetish, so get pictures of your Saxo's and R5's up for us to see!

I'm well into the drift scene at the moment, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be attending most of the D1 events this year, and hopefully going for my D1 license at the end of this year ready for 2007.

Catch me on samholt2710@hotmail.com for MSN or email!

See ya,


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