Midnight-Racing Chat Rooms

Before you enter the Midnight-Racing chat area there are a few rules that you must agree too.  Firstly there is to be no offensive or unsuitable behaviour in the chat rooms.  All chat information, conversations, connection details, etc are recorded and will be made available to both internet service providers and the police if required.


  • Do not personally attack, flame or abuse others
  • Do not make slanderous comments about people, companies or others views
  • Strong language and vulgarity are prohibited. Crude sex words are strictly prohibited. Please use common sense and courtesy.
  • Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent your self
  • Do not flood
  • No advertising
  • Do not talk in uppercase or text speak
  • Be 17 years of age or above to enter


Midnight-Racing is not responsible for

  • What users experience in chat rooms
  • For what users write or view
  • Any interactions that take place
  • Underage users who enter
  • The accuracy, authenticity of anything wrote or read
  • For harassment or personal attacks with in the chat rooms
  • For those who try to promote anything with in the chat rooms

Violation of these rules is grounds for immediate banning. Remember when using a chat room to never give out any personal details like phone numbers, addresses, registration numbers of vehicles or any bank or card details. Play safe and have fun.

By clicking enter you agree to the above terms.


Copyright Ben Longhurst [No content to be reproduced without permission]