Feature Cars

Here you can read up on all of the reviews for the Midnight-Racing feature cars.  If you would like to get your car featured on the website, please get in contact with a member of staff.
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Viper's RX-7
With a full bodykit, full respray, a fresh install and more power than standard Viper's RX-7 has got the whole package. With more power to come it will only go from strength to strength.

MrGolfo's Mk3 Golf
MrGolfo has mainly concentrated on the styling of this smooth Golf. A very unique kit has been fitted along with a load more nice touches, see if you can spot them all !

LiGhTnInG's S14
After finally seeing the jap light, Sam purchased this s14 for a bargain price. As a second car, the 200 started to get transformed. Not one to keep a car for long, Sam has now moved onto an MR2.

Dooooney's Nova
Being an apprentice mechanic, Dooney isn't afriad to get his hands dirty. As you can see from his Nova, he's prepared to change everything and anything!

LiGhTnInG's Mini Cooper S
Yet another one of the many cars Sam has owned. A car for lazy cruising around in but with that extra supercharged punch when needed. All the comforts of home in this Mini adventure.

Ben's Nissan Skyline GT-R
Skylines are always a little bit special, but Bens R33 GT-R is just gorgeous!  Complete with it's Veliside body kit, 18" split rims, graphics, re-trimmed interior, not to mention the Abbey tuned engine, coil overs, six pots, etc! 

Shell's R5
Starting off as a rear ended Renault Campus, Shell patiently built the car into a lairy GT Turbo. With a shoe string budget all of the work on this eye catching R5 has been carried out by either Shell or her boyfriend, Phil. A complete GT Turbo nut, Shell can produce all sorts of random facts to bore or amaze you !

Alex's Civic
Alex is a very new member to the site. After he posted a few pics of his Civic, we knew we had to feature it. Boasting a whole range of mods including a full engine swap rolling roaded at 206bhp with 162ft lbs of torque

Alex's Cougar
Alex's purchased his Cougar in March 2004, it was standard back then but he spent the whole summer buying mods from people and importing a few bits from America.  He still has more to do, but check out it's progress so far!

Delsol's CRX
Delsol's car is one very modified and sexy looking Honda CRX.  Featuring a full body kit, custom exhaust, custom ICE install and a whole load more... This is one very show worthy car!

Sam's Saxo VTR
This is Sams Saxo VTR, he's spent a load of cash on it to get it how it is today.  Tints, ICE, clusters, Alloys, etc, come check out his feature! 

Viper's Pulsar GTi-R
Sadly this car is no longer with us thanks to some moronic woman driver who didn't know her brake from her throttle.  But here is his ex-Pulsar GTi-R in it's full former glory.

Hazman's Astra
This car is one hell of a car, the first time I saw it out and about I knew it was a one off. As you can see from the pictures everything on the car has been Modded...

ICE'd Evo
Mitsubishi Evolution VI Tommi Makinen edition with one serious ICE install.  But the engine wasn't neglected, with over 350Bhp this car can sure pull it's weight!  Come and check it out.

Kevin's Skymera
You read right, a Skymera!  Part Skyline, part Primera completely custom, one off and truly brilliant!  Read this great feature about how Kevin transformed his car in to something completely original.  And it's not just looks, it has the performance to match with it's turbo charged, nitrous injection modified engine and a great ICE install!

G Sleigh Saxo
I'm sure a lot of people who follow the cruise and show scene closely will have seen this car at least once.  Well here is the whole story starting from the very beginning to how it is today!

Viper's Clio Williams
Only a limited number of Clio Williams were made which in itself makes them special.  Here is Sy's aka Viper's very clean example with a few sensible mods.

I'm sure most of you all know about BMW M3's, but did you know that a limited number of GT cars were built featuring yet more power?  Check out this feature on this limited edition M3 GT.

Brett's AX GT
Brett wrote in to Midnight-Racing a little while ago to get his very special AX featured on the website.  So here it is in all it's glory!

Nick's MR2 Turbo
Nicks MR2 is one of the most spotted and asked about MR2's around the Medway area.  Since this feature it has been taken off the road and is under going a major engine rebuild!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Brian and Shame's XR2's
This pair of old skool XR2's are regularly seen in the Maidstone Cruise scene.  The matching Fiestas don't just look good on the outside, with tweeks under the bonnet too you will want to think twice before any traffic light show downs.

Lee's Escort Cabriolet
Lee's Escort sure does stand out from the crowd.  With a very nice flip paint job and a mixture of ST-24, Cosworth and RS 2000 body parts, it ensures a unique and very clean look.

Shaun's Saxo
This one off Saxo has some very controversial styling, but either love it or hate it you can't deny the work that has gone in to transforming this car.  Civic front bumper, custom rear bumper, bonnet, flip paint, etc...  There just isn't another Saxo around like it!

Ashley's FTO
This feature has been on Midnight-Racing for a little while now, and since then Ashleys FTO has undergone yet more serious work.  When this feature was written this was the fastest FTO in the country as per the FTO owners club official 1/4 mile shoot out.  Stay tuned for more updates and developments soon.

Ben's RX7
Ben Linney really does have far too much money!  This is an old feature now on his 99 Spec RX7 Type R.  Since then he's sold this and had an R34 Skyline GT-R (featured on the MR stand at Max Live) and also a Supra Twin Turbo!

Kev's Ferrari 355
Please stop e-mailing Midnight-Racing about buying this car!!!  This is Kevins second feature on Midnight-Racing, the first being for his 106 Quick Silver.  Here you can read all about his Ferrari 355 kitted MR2.

Pauls MR2 Turbo
Unfortunately Paul finally sold this MR2 to make way for his new project Honda Civic, and if that turned out anything like his MR2 you can be sure we'll have a feature on here.  In the mean time enjoy his full leather retrim, flip paint, 18" alloys, full body kit... the list just goes on and on

Darryl's Saxo
Not really a tarmac eating monster, but instead a clean insurance friendly car.  With many subtle mods and a sound system to make your ears bleed, the car is still worthy of a feature on Midnight-Racing.

Gary's Rover 220 GSi Turbo

For most people you would think that having a 2 litre engine in your first car was enough... Not Gary though.  He soon got bored with his performance and dropped in a not so insurance friendly 2 litre turbo lump from the Rover 220 Coupé!  Check out the feature.

Mark Roger's MR2 Turbo
One of the first features on Midnight-Racing was that of Marks MR2 Turbo.  This car has long since been sold and had a lot of the parts removed and sold on, but to keep the memory alive the feature is here for all to read!

Geert's Escort Cosworth
Midnight-Racing isn't just popular in the UK, reaching far in to Europe we bring you the feature of Geerts Belguim Escort Cosworth.  He even brought the car over to us to see in person on one of his tuning trips!  And yes it's fast!

Ashleys FTO GPX
Ashley Baker heard about Midnight-Racing after Kevins car feature and just had to get some photos of his sweet standard FTO on here.  Although there isn't much in the way of a feature, there are some nice pictures to look at.

Mike's Nova Turbo
A very famous Nova in Maidstone, featured in Max Power and has more mods than you can shake a very big stick at.  2.0 litre turbo engine swap, 6 speed gear box, brakes bigger than your wheels...  it's a beast!

Rob's XR4i
Another work in process.  Since this original feature Robs XR4 has undergone a single turbo conversation so some updates will be made on here in the summer.  Still check out this feature to see how this car just goes from strength to strength.

Matt Bell's Sapphire Cosworth
Matt "Broom Handle" Bells sweet Sapphire Cosworth.  A very tasty Stage 1 conversation bringing the power up to a healthy 280Bhp!

Kev's 106 Quick Silver
Kevin just can't leave a car standard.  His old 106 with it's full body kit, custom exhaust, alloy wheels, private plate, etc.  But it still needs lowering.

Adam's Polo
Adam brought his little VW Polo from new back in 1999 and has been busily modifying it since.  Although still far from finished there are plans for lowering and even a VR6 engine transplant.

Ben's Escort TD
This is my (Ben) old Escort TD which is still going strong even today!  Even though this was my run about for when I was working on my MR2 (since replaced with a Pulsar GTi-R!) it just goes to show that just because you have an oil burner under the bonnet, there is no reason why you can't make it faster!

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