Cruise Reports

This year we have a good team of staff bringing you Cruise Reports from all over the UK.  If you know of a good cruise that you think we should attend, then please get in contact.
Reading Jap Meet
After going to the last months meet and being pleasantly surprised by the large turn out of Jap machines, a few of the Berkshire bunch headed down to Majenski stadium to have a look around the pacific beasts.

Reading Cruise
The Reading cruise, invaded by the Midnight-Racing group.  A great night out where the police kept an eye on things but didn't spoil the fun

SOE5 Cruise
Held on the 14th of Feb so nick named the singles cruise.  After some huge convoys the cruise ended up at the back up location, but was ended early when the police turned up in force to move everyone on.

Midnight-Racing Xmas 2003
What better way to finish off 2003 than with a massive legal cruise!  We had people from all over come to this event and even some special guests!  Although the cruise was cut a little short, a good time was had by all.

Midnight-Racing 2
In August 2003 we held our second legal cruise and it turned out to be a massive success.  Featuring some great events like the show and shine, miss wet t-shirt, 1/4 mile drag racing and even some track time... what more could you ask for from a cruise?!

Ace Cafe Jap night
The Ace Cafe in London is a popular place for both bike and car meets alike.  Midnight-Racing went along to see what all the fuss is about on one of the Japanese nights (we're suckers for imports).  There is a great atmosphere and if you are near by make sure you check it out.

Maidstone Cruise (Motorworld)
Thanks to the media and their bad press, the old Maidstone cruise it no more, but in the true spirit of things a cruise will never die only get stronger.  Check out the feature by Jodie and help support the Maidstone cruise scene by coming along one night.

A completely legal cruise that has all the feel of a good illegal event.  Held on the private grounds of the wheels raceway in Birmingham, it has since been the location of some other top cruises.

Bolney Jap Meet 2003
Held just once a year outside a country pub in Bolney in Sussex, this meet is jam packed with sweet Japanese cars from all over the South.  To say the turn out was impressive would be a huge understatement, and it's definitely an event we will be attending in 2004

WAM Cruise (Feb 2003)
The convoys had a few problems getting us there, but we all made it in one piece and had a good night out.  The weather was very cold, but that didn't stop people turning up in their hundreds.  Just a shame the Pulsar burst the turbo oil feed pipe on the way home.

Play days at York

For me there is nothing better than combining a cruise with camping and drag racing, and this is what Play Days was all about.  Held at the York Drag strip, this event made for one amazing weekend!

Newquay Run to the Sun
This is held once a year, but every year on the last bank holiday weekend in May.  What was originally just for surfers and VW owners is now a weekend for everyone no matter what you drive.  This is one of those events which you must experience at least once in your life, it's really a mind blowing weekend you'll never want to end!

South Cruise
Back in 2002 this South Cruise was one of the best illegal events of the year.  Ending up not far from Winchester both the Mean Street crew and Fast Car were down there, with even some top magazine cover cars turning up for a pose.  Top night out!

Mean Street Cruise (Essex)
The Mean Street Cruise in Essex is one of the first legal cruises I know of and they are still going strong today.  Although the entry price on the door is high, discounts can be had from their website.  Definitely one to attend in the summer, just check out this feature.

Maidstone Cruise (The Bridge)
The Bridge in Maidstone was a cruise scene that had been going for over 20 years.  Then thanks to the media and complaints from moaning residents the council closed it down.  The cruise on St Peters street was one of the all time classics and is sadly missed by many.



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