The Maidstone Bridge
By Ben

Every weekend St. Peters street in Maidstone is home to our local cruise.  The Bridge as it's known, is found just off the one way system that runs over the river.  Every Friday and Saturday night people come from all over to show off their cars,  do burn outs and a lot of doughnuts.  Recently we all gather in the Courts car park and the action kicks off at nine.

The local police often come down in force bringing Riot Vans, Volvo T5's, under cover CID cars, and the usual panda cars.  But unless your caught in the middle of a race or hand brake turn, it's unusual that you will be stopped for anything other than a warning.

Paul kicks the night off with a lovely burnout

Filling the car park and his car with smoke

A Rover follows and burns out till his tyre bursts!

Leaving the tarmac smoldering!

What happens when you get to close to exploding tyres


Rods 418Bhp Escort Cosworth

Rods Cosworth, my MR2 and Tony's Cossie all having a bit of a pose!

A red Sierra pulls a perfect hand brake turn behind a police car which the law took a dim view too.

This bloke complained about a knocking when turning corners.  The hole is where the suspension should be!

It turns out that this nutters mates know my little sister!

Some red ford Orion starting off some more burnouts.

One very loud Cosworth kitted Orion

Nice little line up

The owner of this Nova was so impressed with how clean he'd got it that...

The week after we took these pictures he went and wrote it off!

My MR2 and Tony's Escort Cosworth

A couple of our mates

Someone in a black MR2 Turbo doing a few doughnuts!!!

Tony's Cosworth

St Peters Street

Some red Nova that the owner wanted a picture taken.

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