Newquay Run to the Sun
By Ben

Every year, the last bank holiday weekend in May is the Newquay run to the sun. What used to be a VW Bash has now turned in to a modified car show not to be missed. The whole town is turned upside down for the weekend. All day and night drinking, a town wide water fight, and not forgetting modified cars from all over the country gathering in just one place! I (Ben) took the hard and difficult task of going down to the RTTS 2001 so that I could bring it all home to you! There was so much to see that to fit it all in would take a server on it's own to hold all the pictures, so here are the ones which I thought where the best. (I've had to compress the pictures a load which it why the quality is bad, if I didn't they wouldn't all fit on the site and take ages to download! If you want to see bigger and better ones, then e-mail me)





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