Play Days @ York Drag Way  
By Ben

On the 5th and 6th of October it was the last run what you brung day at York Drag way.  Thanks to Rustage and other people from the Cruise Board a sort of cruise weekend was arranged.  Unfortunately because I blew up my MR2 just before York I couldn't run my car, but none the less we loaded up my Escort then headed off up north.

Most of the drive up went fine, Nick in his Blue MR2 Turbo followed me up, then for over an hour we drove about lost trying to follow the useless map we were given.  In the end Chris came and rescued us and we made it there in one piece.

It was pretty late by the time we got to the drag way, but we were given a warm welcome.  Other cruise sites had set up tents showing off cars and pumping out tunes, and I got to meet a lot of people that chat to me on the various forums and message boards.

Sunday morning it wasn't hard getting up.  It was freezing!  Still the food van soon warmed us up with coffee and bacon rolls!  As well as all the cruisers which turned up on Saturday night, on Sunday a lot of other cars came for the day and also the GT4 Owners club.  It made for a really good day out.  So enough of me going on, where are the pictures I hear you scream...

Our little camping spot

Morning car washing before racing

Back of Nicks car with sweet custom exhausts

Glenn (Free_Ryders) very smart 2

Good 'ol Midnight-Racing window stickers get everywhere!

GTS-Chris's MR2

Complete with Midnight-Racing sticker also

Escort Cossie vs 11 second Skyline!

Hmmm Superchargers

Just an idea of some of the people that came


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