Reading Cruise 15-2-04
By lil Ben

Sunday night is the Berkshire bunches normal trip to Guilford or Slough but a couple of our lads had heard of a cruise planned, we had to pop to Slough to find out more

Pulling up in Slough, we found a load of cars waiting to find out where to go. Maps were handed out and we were supposed to be heading back to Reading !

A quick blat back down the M4 and we were the first to arrive in the car park so we chose a spot by the entrance and slowly more and more cars trickled in. The MR members were out in our usual numbers and Dan was providing the entertainment as normal.

Burnout and donuts were happening in full with cars flying around in a large centre “arena”. One panda took a tour of the car park but left us to it, top job fellas and the donut action started off again with a 200sx showing the others how to do it.

An undercover police car appeared and made up camp for half an hour. Dan decided to show them that we weren’t bad drivers as is sometimes thought. He slowly pulled a perfect 3 point turn in the “arena”, his car modded with some cardboard extras.

The police car gave up camping and moved off again, the fun could begin again. The night turned into a game of cat and mouse with the cops which was a good laugh in a way. Only when they dragged one driver into the back of the car and gave him a grilling over a car donuting (that wasn’t even his) did we decide to make a move



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