Reading monthly Jap meet – 17th February ‘04

After going to the last months meet and being pleasantly surprised by the large turn out of Jap machines, a few of the Berkshire bunch headed down to Majenski stadium to have a look around the pacific beasts.

Turn out was high again and although a few of the non jap cars were trying to impress, this wasn’t that sort of meet. We parked out of the way of the main crowd of cars as Dave had given me a lift down in his Corsa (cheers Dave ! ), just a little show of respect for the meet that the majority of the non-jap cars do.

After a wander round and a chat the meet moved onto the second location as the first car park closes. The numbers of cars dwindled at this point and it became more of a mixed meet so I didn’t take any photos from this part

This meet is a monthly affair, keep an eye on the boards for the next one !




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