SOE 5 – 14th February

Dubbed “The singles cruise” due to the unusual choice of date, this cruise threatened to have a poor turnout. However, we shouldn’t have doubted it as the hardcore turned out in force !

Dave was co-pilot for the evening as we headed down to Clakett Lane for the convoy. The weather turned on the way there and it started pouring with rain. We were not looking forward to the soaking once we got there ! Arriving dead on the supposed leaving time we were a bit surprised to find the services empty of modified cars. A quick call to Jamie from Cruise-south found out that I had gone to the wrong side of Clakett. A quick rush to the next junction and a slight unintentional detour and we were on the right side with the convoy still there !

The time came to leave and it soon can become clear that the turnout was going to be huge, our convoy seemed never ending. Some superb driving by our leader kept the whole lot together despite the whole amount of cars in it.

After what seemed a never ending drive we turned into an industrial estate and found a massive queue of cars waiting to go in. Unfortunately, we later found out that this was the backup location and the cars were a bit too spread out, leaving the cruise slightly lacking on atmosphere.

The Police made their presence known by driving up and down but pretty much left us to it. Until they called out what looked like extras out of the film SWAT. They made it clear that we should move on so the cruise ended and we headed back to Reading.


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