The WAM Cruise 15th Feb  
By Ben

After being posted over just about every cruise board going, it seemed only fair that we should tag along to feature it.  However I should have twigged that something would be up with the convoys after the changes were made to the Clacket Lane service point.  There was a huge turn out of cars, and when the convoy set off it must have been one of the fastest ever!  Generally convoy leaders drive slow to let people keep up, but not these ones!  And to make matters even more interesting it seemed they were new to the area, taking turn offs and getting lost along the way.  Next time people, please, take a map!

Still the Cruise ended up in Worthing in the Sainsburys car park which has been home to other big cruises in the past.  There was a police presence but they just sat back and left us alone.  Some nice cars showed up, and there wasn’t a single burn out, or donut, or anything.  Was freezing cold though!


















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