Fast Show 2006
By Steve2K

Well it certainly was a fast show with it only been a one day event, which had its good and bad points. The bad points was that there wasn't a hell of a lot to keep people busy/interested. Maybe this was down to it been the first show of the year and most people wait for Donny as been the first. Also I was expecting a lot of the "big boys" out on the strip Fensport, RK Tuning, Norris Designs, CRD etc but i failed to see any of them, whether that was just me not paying attention .... I don't know lol

There in force was .... Fire Force (excuse the pun) every time I see this I still utter the same two words "**** me" the noise, the feel and the speed of it is just awe inspiring. Bad sides apart there was still a good selection of cars to walk around and see and of course car shows aren't about the cars but the camping over with a group of friends and having a good time :D In between Dan's posing, the can aliens landing and Dave getting stuck in the mud (not a metaphor) plenty of beer was drank and a good time was had by all.

Roll on next year!!

Thanks from the Midnight-Racing Team

To Steve2k for photos and writing this feature

All members for attending



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