Modified Nationals 2005
By Janine

For Midnight-Racing the show started at Friday lunch time when Pollocks, Janine and xmackiex arrived first, which by this time the weekend was already in swing, with 100’s of campers already there. After finding a spot for Midnight-Racing happy campers the drinking started, whilst waiting for other members to arrive from various locations. The rest of the evening was spent erecting numerous tents, getting BBQ’s on the go and by everyone having a laugh together and most getting drunk

Saturday was an early one for most rushing to get in the showers and wash and wax their cars. The banner was put in place at the stand and the cars arranged in the M-R style parking. The cars on stand this year were:

Dave Vauxhall Corsa

DSN Toyota Celica

G-Pimp Mercury Cougar

Grooverider Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8i 8v LS

KC Honda Civic Sport

LiGhTnInG Mini Cooper S

Mkcivic lad Honda Civic

Pete Ford Fiesta tdci

Pollocks Ford Fiesta Zetec XR2i

Viper Mazda Rx7

The weather was warm which accompanied a good day with loads going on club displays, half naked ladies, trade stands, show and shine competition, live bands, 0-60 sprint strip, 1/8th mile challenge, sound off challenge, lite and style competition, fun fair, eating competition, Miss MNUK and extreme sports demonstration. Flyers were handed out and Steve2k, Dave and xmackiex decided to dare the tropical trip. All watching learnt how hilarious Dave’s expressions were.

Back at camp a BBQ feast was cooked up. Later on some headed off to the Fuel & Ministry of Sound tent and found it really boring Jayjbabybird decided to try keep up the spirits by getting her boobs out. After a face full it was realised that it was the wrong tent and snappishly made their way to the correct tent, where a wicked night was happening. The music was great and a lot of funky dancing went on, everyone seemed to have a good night and a good laugh. Back at the tents DSN decided to start a glow-stick fight with the guys camping next door who kindly gave us the glow sticks and the saying “Eric is Banana man” lol

Sunday the cars were back on stand but not so many members wearing their M-R tops because of the wind getting the grit everywhere the day before. Some members had a go at the bucking bronco and the inflatable assault course and made entertainment for everyone for a while

Later on it was time to take down tents and clear up camp, all in all it was a fantastic weekend with lots on memorable moments.

All in attendance where:







Ickle Em







Lil Ben

Mkcivic lad









Member’s memorable moments from the weekend


“People in the MOS room taking their tops off and dancing around lol”


“My favourite moment was Dan leaping over me while I was standing...shame we don’t have a picture...otherwise it was on the fairground rides where Dan and I nearly fell out as we were getting our ship horizontal as we went around.”

”My least favourite was getting severe sunburn...but I am handsome again now...”


“Best moment for me was all the female attention I got”


"The evening I lost my voice with the glow stick war with the campers next door"


“Eric is bananaman”

Thanks from The Administration Team

Thanks all for attending and making it such a great event. We had the biggest Midnight-Racing turn out for Modified Nationals 2005. Hope it can continue for the rest of the year as there are some more great shows coming up , So a big thanks again to Pollocks, LiGhTnInG for organising it and the new members that turned up.


Special thanks to :

Pollock’s organising

LiGhTnInG T Shirts/flyers

Janine stickers

And Janine for writing this.

All Members for attending


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