Trax 2006


It's got to that time of the year for the biggest and best (imo) show, Trax
based at Silverstone, everything is crammed in from show cars to track beasts and even the odd hardcore drag car!
I started the day at stupid o'clock (05:45 !!) as I was camping nearby at Billing Aquadome. The guys I was with decided it would be better to leave early to miss the queues. The plan worked and we pretty much sailed in.
After waiting around watching the cars come in I made my way through the gates. The amount of cars in the first part were staggering. The entire area was filled with cars already and more were coming in all the time! It's just a reminder how big Trax is, it's actually pretty difficult to see everything in one day.
The track action started early and a friend of mine was in one of the first sessions. It was very mixed and interesting to see the differing levels of experience - the people with more were flying round! There was a lot of tire squealing but no one was unlucky enough to come off the track - that session is stopped if anyone comes off into the gravel. A couple of sessions later on had this problem which must have made the other drivers fuming!

After watching some of the track action, it was time to start making my way round the millions of club stands
There were a wide variety of owners clubs and cruise sites with stands so there was something for everyone to look at. This is what makes Trax so popular. I think every single type of mod was on a car somewhere!
The trade stands were pumping out choons as always with various displays going on throughout the day. Myself, KC, Pete and Katy spent a fair bit of time watching the UK car of the year being picked on the Castrol stand. There were some slightly dubious cars on there but a few very nice ones on show.

After this, it was perv time :) We spent the next couple of hours wandering round looking at the various ladies on the different stands. My favourites had to be the Castrol girls......which had nothing to do with the skin tight outfits lycra they were wearing *cough*

By this time it was getting towards the end of the day and everyone was shattered. However, the best part of the day was still to happen!
The D1GP had managed to arrange for the final to happen which was great for the sport. The crowds were huge and people were starting to get into it a bit more than they had at previous rounds.
Phil Morrison was leading the championship but it was close, setting the final up to be a tense nailbiter.
The standard of drifting has risen so much in the past few years and the drivers are so close in terms of skill. On several of the rounds they had to run 3 times as the judges just couldn't decide who should have won!

The final was a close run match between Phil Morrison and Ben Broke-Smith, Bonbon to his fans, both cars were driftworks sponsored cars, so good news for the company.

The final was very tight, and difficult for the judges to decide, but it all came down to Bon's last run, where he stayed so tight to the back of Phils car that the points had to go in his favour after a 5-5 on the previous run.

Ben Broke-Smith won the last round of the D1GB!

Phil Morrison won the season, due to Damian Mulvey being knocked out in the semi-finals.

The drivers then lined up in front of the BRDC stand and the public were allowed to go over and congratulate them and get some pictures etc.



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