Bens Escort 1.8 TD  

Okay, stop the laughing.  This is my diesel Escort.  It's no normal oil burner though, 17" alloys, in car adjustable boost, a sound system to make your ears bleed.  What more could you ask from a car?

I brought it a few years ago when I was working in East Grinstead.  I wanted a turbo diesel Escort, but I also had to have a two door.  Ford however didn't make to many two door TD's, so this one was a lucky find.  Driving 84 miles every day in a Renault 5 GT Turbo wasn't too cheap on petrol (220 miles to a tank if I didn't boot it), so this car saved me a lot of money.  I must admit that when I test drove it, I was shocked at how nippy it was in standard form.  But there is a difference between nippy and quick, and believe me you can make a diesel quick.

Standard the turbo was pushing out a kittens breath 8 psi.  Hardly anything to be proud of.  This was sorted out with a nice bleed valve taking the boost up to 15psi at first.  Then came a nice electronic switching valve on the injector pump.  Basically it means that at a flick of a switch inside the car, I can have the fuel pump work over time, or have it be lazy.  That meant I had a car that could go fast, or a car that could drive over 450 miles to a single tank!

I then needed to sort out the sounds.  Out came the nasty standard Ford stereo and in went a nice Pioneer head unit and limited edition 6 disc multi changer.  I also stuck some nice 100 watt Pioneer speakers in the back, then two 12" Sumo Subs in the boot, a nice Alpine amp, and a purple neon to light it all up with!  The amp needed a lot of power so I upgraded the battery to something you could power your whole street off.  It's huge.  I also needed to use gauge 4 cable to run the amp.  This stuff is so thick that it looks like a tow rope.  And it's all connected up with some nice gold terminals.

The wheels were next on my list.  When I brought the car it came with some nice Wolf Race Genisis alloys.  Being only 15's they looked silly in the arches, so I needed something bigger.  I'd seen a couple of cars with Wolf Race Voodoo's and I think they looked great.  I went to the local Wolf Race factory and they sold me a set of 17's for 25 each!  That's 100 for a set of brand spanking new alloys!  RM Tyres in Strood then sorted the rubber out for 65 a rim, so I was laughing.

With my car fast, loud and gorgeous I wanted an alarm better than the standard Ford jobbie.  I brought the whole kit for a couple of hundred quid and fitted it myself.  It took the best part of 8 hours to do, but I am still well impressed with the job I did.  I now have interior and exterior motion sensors, a tilt and knock sensor, power drop sensor and a few other toys which were a sod to set up.  But it's all installed neatly without a hanging wire in sight.

As I'd had the car for a while now, and I sold my Renault 5 GT Turbo.  I started to get bored with the performance of my car.  I then fitted a nice boost gauge on the dash, got a police speed trap detector, some RS2000 side skirts and some clear repeaters.  I'm still yet to do the side skirts and repeaters (busy with other things).  I also turned the boost up to 20psi!  A diesel running 20psi boost!  Cool huh?  You should have seen the black smoke it chucked out when you booted it under load.  Loads of un-burnt fuel all going to waste.  The fuel economy dropped to 380 miles to a tank, and the boost pipes needed bigger clamps to hold them on!  Since then the car is just sat lonely on my drive way though.  I plan to do some more work to it soon, get it ready for the winter so I can leave my MR2 in the garage.  But as ever, if you want to know more about the car, drop me an e-mail.

Tech Spec


Ford 1.8 Turbo Diesel engine
Garret T2 turbo

Bleed Valve, adjustable fuel pump regulator


17" Wolf Race Voodoo alloys.

Standard brakes


Colour coded bumpers, mirrors.  RS 2000 rear spoiler.

Coming soon: RS2000 Side skirts and front bumper, clear repeaters


Neons under dash board, TIMS white boost gauge, police laser and radar detector, electric windows added

ICE and Security:

Pioneer head unit, 6 disc multi changer, Alpine amp, 2x Longmill Sumo subs, Neons in boot.

Ford factory alarm.  Other alarm and immobiliser that I forget the name of.


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