Bretts AX GT

With the current modifying trend towards huge wheels and over the top body kits, it makes a nice change to see a very clean, old skool style car

Brettís Citroen Ax it what a modified car should be, an enhancement of how it rolled out of the factory. Its been treated to custom front and rear bumpers, the front having a deeper, more aggressive style than the standard one and the rear neatly housing the twin, centre exit exhaust.

The body also features some other subtle touches like the single wiper conversion, delocking and a bad boy bonnet, complete with custom air intake. The standard wing mirrors have been ditched for some sleeker DTM ones. All of this has been coated in a deep one off red paint job with the brake callipers to match. Finishing off the outside is a set of 15Ē 5 spokes and has been slammed a massive 150mm !

The inside hasnít been left alone either; itís been treated to a race car look. A set of Cobra buckets seats hold Brett in place while the steering is controlled by a racing steering wheel with nitrous buttons. The dash board has been colour coded in red, black and silver with chequered plate door cards and mats. The front and back are both lighted up by a pair of neons, one under the footwells and one in the back.

Brett hasnít scrimped on the sounds either, the boot houses a red and black sub box which is home to a couple of Xplod red and silver speakers. These are powered by a 2000 Watt amp but, in the interests of sounds quality, the back of the car has been sound proofed. Providing the mid range are a pair of Alpine speakers in the front doors and the sounds themselves are all provided by a Sony flipfront head unit.

Engine wise, the mods are fairly minimal with the carb being ported and polished. The engine bay is also home to a yellow top battery for powering the ICE and a strut brace to beef up the already good handling.


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