Kevs Ferrari 355  

First I really must say sorry to Kev for taking so long to post these updates.  But enough of that.  This is Kevs Ferrari 355 kitted MR2.  As you can see from the pictures it looks the part.  I've seen a couple of 355 conversations before but haven't really been impressed with them.  But just out the details that have gone in to this car.  First off the head lights on the MR2 are much further back than on the 355, so Kevs head lights have been moved forwards to match the bumper profile of the real car.  The engine lid is another example.  Commonly on the conversation companies use a small engine lid that fits where the standard MR2 goes.  On Kevs car the lid stretches right to the back of the car, just like the real thing.  All original Ferrari badges have been used, a nice cream and black leather retrim...  The pictures don't really do it justice.

Custom made 4 exit exhaust system, just like the real thing!

I love this picture, just look how much wider than my MR2 the Ferrari kit is!

Hugely wide real wheels fill those massive arches

Very nice leather retrim

Just look how much wider the kit is from the standard MR2 door sill.

Proper 355 engine lid extends right to the back of the car

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