Marks MR2 Turbo

This is Mark Rogers MR2 Turbo.  Not that you would know it, it is a 1990 Rev.1 model.  However Mark has taken the time to face lift it to the 94+ spec, with the addition of later rear lights, wing and aerial.  But it's not just all good looks, with the work that he has done on the engine too, he would leave most things for dead at the lights!

He starts off by saying that he first replaced the standard fuel pressure regulator with a FSE power boost valve, when his standard one gave up on him.  He said the car felt flat when he got it and the biggest performance increase was when he fitted the bleed valve.  The trouble with the MR2 Turbo, is that it has lots of safety devices to protect the engine.  The first is the Fuel cut.  Let your boost creep up to 12Psi, and then the fuel pump cuts out!  Mark over came this by fitting his own Fuel Cut Defender, which cost him 8p from Maplins.  The second biggest problem is the Turbo VSV that Toyota fitted to allow the car to limit the boost.  Basically you can put your foot down one minute and have 15psi, then the next time you can have 7psi.  With the bleed valve in place with the VSV he was hitting boost from 11 - 17psi, when he was after 15.  This was over come by removing the Turbo VSV and fitting a Grainger Valve from Dawes Devices.

The Grainger Valve is like a bleed valve, but it uses a ball bearing system to hold the waste gate shut, right up until the point that the set boost is reached.  This means that turbo lag is reduced, and you hit your set boost every time!

Mark has also installed a boost gauge where the ciggy lighter used to go, at the moment he is running 0.94bar boost, which he soon plans to up to 1 bar.  Other engine mods include NGK spark plugs, Magnecor KV85 racing HT leads, Apexi POWER air filter, a Uni-Chip, and next month a Spearco Intercooler and water injection.

When he got the car is came with a single exit 5" HKS pipe, which he has now replace in favour for the Mongoose system.  Because the Mongoose system has less back pressure, he needed to turn down his boost slightly to stop the car from over boosting.  Mark also has a Blitz Dual Turbo timer.  This clever device shows peek boost, instant boost, and has an auto or manual timer.

His wheels you see are 17" League 088 wrapped in Falkon rubber.  Their good in the dry he says, but not too great in the wet.  During the snow the grip was so bad that it got to the point of having to ask a lorry driver to move his lorry before he slid in to it!

Anyway I will leave you with more pictures and a tech spec at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Later 94+ rear lights

Marks interior complete with Momo Steering wheel

Lockwood Sill strips



Rev.1 S3-GTE engine.
Mongoose Exhaust
Grainger Valve set at 0.94 Bar
FSE Power boost Valve
Apexi POWER air filter
VSV Removed
Fuel Cut Defender
Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
Magnecor KV85 Racing HT Leads
NGK Spark Plugs
Spearco Intercooler upgrade
Spearco Water Injection


17" League 088 Wheels
Flaken Tyres (205/40/17 Front, 215/40/17 Rear)

Mintex brake pads


Toyota 98 spec clear front lights,
94 Spec rear lights
94 Spec Wing
94 Spec ariel mast


Momo Steering wheel
Stainless sill plates

ICE and Security:

Kenwood head unit,
10 Disc changer
Very noisy alarm


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